Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Comments....

Ok Loved the Green Day rock opera bit. The start up with Lady Gaga and Elton John was great - Lady Gaga - bringing back glam rock, but she can both sing and play instruments! Over the top.

Colbert was a bit of a dud...not sure if he was in character, ironic or just...flat.

WTF was up with the Zac Brown band. Was this a &*$*ing Sarah Palin Tea Bagger rally or something? Get rid of them.

Loved Pink. what an outfit, what a great acrobatic performance - singing upside down, mostly naked (OK a body suit) and dipped in water. Yikes.

Loved Taylor Swift. So cute and so talented. Seems honestly humble.

What's with Beyonce's militaristic performance? And the crotch grabbing? huh? not a song you can hum along to really. Lost me with that one.

And the Michael Jackson thing, with 3D - I guess a tribute was needed, but ...I left the room it was so boring.

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