Monday, February 1, 2010

Avatar Review......cynical, funny, true

2 parts. A bit longish but pretty entertaining

Star Trek vs Star Wars.....

In case you still weren't sure which one is better.....

Grammy Comments....

Ok Loved the Green Day rock opera bit. The start up with Lady Gaga and Elton John was great - Lady Gaga - bringing back glam rock, but she can both sing and play instruments! Over the top.

Colbert was a bit of a dud...not sure if he was in character, ironic or just...flat.

WTF was up with the Zac Brown band. Was this a &*$*ing Sarah Palin Tea Bagger rally or something? Get rid of them.

Loved Pink. what an outfit, what a great acrobatic performance - singing upside down, mostly naked (OK a body suit) and dipped in water. Yikes.

Loved Taylor Swift. So cute and so talented. Seems honestly humble.

What's with Beyonce's militaristic performance? And the crotch grabbing? huh? not a song you can hum along to really. Lost me with that one.

And the Michael Jackson thing, with 3D - I guess a tribute was needed, but ...I left the room it was so boring.

Air Penguins! ....

Dude....I want my flying